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Our mission is to inspire a culture of innovation through the fusion of creativity and technology. The world is changing, we need engineers who put people first, are able to think creatively to solve the challenges of our time and can make the most of the amazing opportunities for innovation. We believe that Design Engineering is the fusion of design thinking, engineering knowledge and practice within a culture of innovation and enterprise. We are the Design Engineering Society, the departmental society for the Dyson School of Design Engineering. We run a series of events throughout the year the build community within the school and inspire our members to be world leading in everything they do. Working closely with our industry partners we run an annual Makeathon, talks, and workshops. In addition to this we seek to provide Imperial’s Design Engineers with the best all round experience of studying in London with a series of socials and cultural activities throughout the year. All Imperial Design Engineers have the opportunity to become lifelong members as Alumni, to continue to get access to our great series of events and build friendships that will last a lifetime. Our vision is a movement that has a transformational impact on our society through the power of Design Engineering. We won Club, Society & Project of the year in 2019 - and we’re just getting started.

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