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Data science and big data, encompassing computer science, and mathematics—specifically Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), statistics—and their applications toward solving problems in various domains has been one of the hottest topics in the second half of this decade. With a student reach across all major departments, the Imperial College Data Science Society (ICDSS) promotes data science awareness amongst the student body. The combination of data science and big data has been shifting the paradigm of many fields including but not limited to drug discovery, investment, and business strategy. ICDSS’s goal is to equip all interested students with key data science skills and bridge the gap between industry and academia. We do this by providing students with industry insights, skill development workshops, hackathons, and projects to practice the art of data science. The talents we develop help meet the high demands of various industries for data scientists. Look out for us on social media; we're active on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and you can also find out more on our website: You can reach us via email at

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