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ArtSoc aims to encourage the Arts within Imperial College by finding the best student and group discount rates to the best performances in the world-famous West End. We also organise socials and day trips to festivals :)

Save While Enjoying London!

You'll make back your £5 membership fee and more by going to just one musical through us! Here at ArtSoc, we aim to let you enjoy West End productions without your finances going south.

Spring Tour

We hope to hold our annual ArtSoc International Tour in Spring which promises to be affordable for students on a tight budget without missing out on all the best attractions that the cities have to offer.

Fun People

Plays, musicals, comedy performances, concerts and other cultural events - Join our society to enjoy the spectacular arts scene in London with like-minded individuals!

If the tickets for the musical you want to go for are sold out, feel free to contact us!

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