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Imperial College Animesoc (ICAS) is dedicated to J-culture. If you're into anime, manga/light novels, cosplay, J-pop/J-Rock, figurines, etc., we're the place to go. Whether you're a beginner weeb or have a collection that rivals the most fanatical of us, we have something for you. We are very active, with anime screenings biweekly showing various films and series, from the most beloved of Ghibli films to obscure gems like MyGO!!!!! and Girls Band Cry.

Come learn how to draw manga, play games or just hang out at our weekly Wednesday sessions. Membership will give you access to the ICAS library, boasting over 500 items, as well as discounted entry to our events and band concerts. We also collaborate with other London universities, such as LSE, KCL, and UCL, where we host special inter-university events.

We also have Melon Band, our very own in-house band, who perform popular anisong & J-pop/Rock songs at various concerts throughout the school year. So come join us to enjoy your favourite OPs and EDs, or showcase your glowstick and call skills!

For those who prefer not to touch grass, our Discord server is the perfect place to connect with the diverse and wonderful ICAS community. Explore our Facebook group and website for more information. We're excited to meet you, both in person and online, and share our love for J-culture.

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