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Studying at a world-class institution brings with it a number of benefits, including the opportunity to share your ideas with others and learn about other backgrounds. At Ahlul Bayt Islamic Society, we empower fellow students to engage in intellectual discussion founded on universal human values, and ethics of discussion. By striving for knowledge and wisdom, we wish to bridge the gaps created by ineffective communication and misconceptions in society. Our community is active and enthusiastic; we invite you to join us during our weekly discussion circles, Friday morning reflection sessions (with free breakfast for all!), and inter-university and inter-society sports sessions. We also host a number of bigger events on unique topics each term, aimed at forming creative solutions or approaches to the predicaments faced around the world. In the past, these have included: "Economic Genocide", "Peak Oil Crisis", "Jesus in Islam" and "Christianity, and Muslim Civilization". Moreover for the last four years, the spring term has featured ''Qur''an My Beloved'', an evening of heavenly recitation of the Holy Quran, as well as events to mark auspicious occasions in Islam such as ''Milad un-Nabi'' and ''Ashura''. Our vision is broad and ambitious, we hope that you will participate, ask questions, share your ideas and meet interesting people. We go by the ideal that: "Man is either your brother in faith or your equal in humanity". Latest information is at imperial.absoc.co.uk

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