CSP Emails & Committee Role Accounts

CSP Email accounts  

Clubs, Societies & Projects are offered an institutional (@ac.uk) email address to use for club business and communicating with members. Many CSPs will have a generic club email, for example baton.twirling.club@imperial.ac.uk and a series of role-specific accounts where required, for example baton.twirling.secretary@imperial.ac.uk

To check if you have an existing account go to: eActivities > Administration > Clubs, Societies & Projects > Details

Managing Your CSP Email or Role Accounts

  • Extending Your Email

    Each year the college IT system will email any of the accounts you have to check they are still active and being used. They will ask you to get a department lead to extend your email account for another year but will say your department lead must make this request.   CSP emails accounts and committee role accounts both fall under the Union as a department and therefore the activities team must put this request in for you. Once you receive an extension email from IT, please complete the extension request form below.  

    The activities team will process all requests within 5 working days and confirm this has happened. Once we put an extension request in, it will take the college IT team up to 3 working weeks to confirm the extension.  

    Submit an extension request here

    If your account is ‘soft deleted’ or not extended, contact the Activities Team who can look into the issue with IT for you.

  • Password Resets

    We know that sometimes during handover an email address password isn’t handed over or that sometimes you haven't accessed the email for a while and have forgotten the password. If this is the case, fill in the form below and the activities team will get a new password sent out to you within 5 working days. For CSP emails, all new passwords will be sent to the president to distribute as appropriate.

    Submit a password reset request here

  • Requesting New Role Accounts

    At this time, the Union is not accepting any new request for specific role accounts. There reason for this is that over 90% of the ones requested expire within one year due to lack of use or handover. We advise that you use your CSP email first.

    We will review re-opening this service once per term.

Digital Services Available Through Your CSP Email

All Clubs, Societies & Projects should use College systems to communicate with members via email. This is to ensure compliance with Data Protection regulations. Currently this includes Mailman and Microsoft Office 365.  

Mailing lists

Many CSPs will have a Mailman mailing list made up of members and individuals who have subscribed, and want to be kept up-to-date with your activities. 

  • To check if you have an existing mailing list you can visit the College directory of public mailing lists. (If you find a list, but don’t know the Administrator password, you’ll need to contact ICT and ask to have the password reset.)

  • To request a new mailing list or to manage an existing list visit the College's Creating and managing a mailing list page. 

  • Once your list has been set up, you can change its settings by visiting the List Administration Overview.

  • From here you can add or remove members, specify who is allowed to send email to the list, deal with pending requests and much more.

  • This service is provided by ICT, not by the Union. The membership of these lists should be current and maintained.
You can find more information about mailman mailing lists in a guide we created for you here

Office 365 

Access to Office 365 comes as part of having a CSP email address. Office 365 offers a powerful set of tools that can help you run your Club, Society or Project more effectively and help you meet your Data Protection responsibilities. 

The following tools are recommended: 

  • Sharepoint: secure file storage and file sharing between your committee, members and others 

  • Forms: used to survey members e.g. to collect signups for your Mailing list 

  • Teams: used to communicate with your committee via chat and to organise project or event documents and plans 

To learn more about the tools available visit the college support pages on Office 365.