Summer Ball 2022: Masquerade - FAQs

Summer Ball 2022: Masquerade - FAQs


Ticket FAQs

How can I be sure I have a Summer Ball ticket?

If you login on our website and go to 'My Account > Event Tickets' you should see your ticket there.

Can I still get a refund?

Unfortunately, our Terms & Conditions stated that we will only guarantee refunds if you notified us more than 2 weeks in advance of the event. If you are unable to come due to testing positive for COVID-19, we will issue a refund provided you notify us before the start of the event and provide proof of infection. More details on the information you must provide can be found in the Terms & Conditions here.

Can I transfer my ticket to my friend?

Unfortunately we are unable to transfer tickets to other people.

What does my ticket get me?

Your ticket includes the following:

  • Entrance to the Summer Ball from 7pm
  • One reception drink to be redeemed with a tear off portion of your ticket on arrival
  • Access to view the headliners - Sigala & Karen Harding - as well as our student performances
  • Access to our funfair rides and games
  • Access to view our fireworks display
  • One meal to be redeemed with a tear off portion of your ticket at our food stalls before 11pm
Where do I get my ticket and wristband?

We cannot guarantee entry to the event unless you pre-collect your ticket and wristband. We will be running 3 collection sessions at the following times in Metric:

  • Thursday 23rd June: 12pm - 8pm
  • Friday 24th June: 12pm - 8pm
  • Saturday 25th June: 12pm - 5pm

To pre-collect your ticket and wristband, you'll need:

  • A valid proof of age ID
  • Your College ID card or your CID number

You will be given a wristband and also a ticket which will include vouchers to exchange for your welcome drink and food at the event. You'll need both your ticket and your wristband to gain entry.

Your wristband will be put on at the time that you collect it and you'll need to wear it until the end of the event. If you have a guest ticket, your guest must accompany you to collect their ticket and wristband.

If you are unable to pre-collect your ticket and wristband in these times, we will still be operating ticket collection during the event but we can't guarantee you timely entry to the event. There may be long queues for late collections.

Can I still get a Summer Ball ticket?

Tickets to Summer Ball are now sold out.

Can I still get an after party ticket?

We have sold out of after party tickets and no more will be going on sale.

Event FAQs

What time does the event start and finish?

The Summer Ball 2022 will start at 7pm on Saturday 25th June and finish at 2am on Sunday 26th June. The afterparty will start at 12am on Sunday 26th June and finish at 6am on Sunday 26th June.

What time is last entry?

We can only guarantee entry if you join the queue before 11pm. We encourage everyone to arrive early to ensure you get the most out of your Summer Ball ticket.

What is the dress code for the event?

We are not detailing a specific dress code except that it should be formal and comfortable, we understand buying outfits can be expensive so we don't want to be too specific. The headliners and fireworks will be watched from Queen's Lawn so ensure you bring appropriate footwear.

What do I need to bring with me?

Please bring your College ID card and formal identification (i.e. Driver's License or Passport). You must also to remember to bring your ticket and ensure you still have your wristband on.

What happens if I lose my physical ticket or wristband?

You must ensure you have your ticket and wristband when you arrive on the night. We cannot guarantee you entry if you lose either of these, so ensure you take good care of them when you get them.

How do I claim my included welcome drink and food?

As part of your physical ticket there will be tear off slips that you can use to get your welcome drink and food. The food must be claimed before 11pm.

Does the masquerade theme apply to my dress code?

There is no requirement to come dressed in Venetian Masquerade outfits and face masks. We strongly encourage it to all who would like to, but the theme is primarily focused on the set dressing of the event.

I don't drink alcohol, is this event for me?

Whilst we will be operating a number of bars serving alcohol across the event, we will also be serving soft drinks everywhere as well as mocktails in hBar. We are focusing on making this event inclusive and enjoyable to all who want to join and so we have put a number of activities on during the event as well as ensuring hBar is an alcohol-free zone.

What happens if the weather is bad?

We cannot guarantee the it will not rain on the day of the event (although the forecast looks good at the moment!) and so we suggest you dress appropriately for the weather of the day, but we will not cancel the event unless there is severely adverse conditions that would cause the event to be unable to run.

What is happening where?

You can find a link to the map for the event here.

Will there be a cloakroom?

Yes, the Senior Common Room (SCR) will be a free cloakroom for all to use. Any belongings not collected at the end of the event will be handed over to College Security.

Where can I find lost property?

All lost property will handed over to College Security, so if you think you've lost something then please contact them.

Is the event accessible?

We are ensuring the event enables access to all, including providing a disabled viewing platform for the headliner. We stronly encourage all attendees who have accessibility requirements to inform us as soon as possible of their access requirements so we can ensure the smoothest event for all as possible. To inform us, please email:

What happens if I lose my friends or I lose my phone/ runs out of charge or I start to feel sick?

We will have a dedicated Chill Out Zone in the foyer of the Sir Alexander Fleming building which is a space for people to come during situations where you start to feel uncomfortable or need a break from the event.

How are you ensuring my safety at the event?

We have been working hard all year to ensure we make our venues safe for everyone. We will be running the 'Ask for Angela' campaign and drink spiking testing kits and drink lids will be available at all bars. We will also have a first aid space and first aiders on site for the entire event should you need them.