Disability History Month

UK Disability History Month is an annual event that creates a platform to celebrate and raise awareness about people living with disabilities. This year Disability History Month runs from 18th November to 18th December. This covers HIV/AIDS Day (1st December), International Day of People with Disabilities (3rd Dec.) and International Human Rights Day (10th December).

Disability History Month 2021

This year’s themes are centred around hidden impairments and relationships. The Union has teamed up with the College to promote awareness and explore how the College can be made more accessible. Beyond the College, roughly 1 in 5 people in the UK have a disability and over half of those are hidden impairments. The aim of the month is to:

  • Help people expand their own definitions of disability to include those with hidden impairments.
  • Celebrate the lives and achievements of disabled people within the College.
  • Challenge ableism both within the College and beyond.


There are a number of campaigns that will be running throughout the month, all of which will be focussed on promoting awareness and driving further inclusion with the College. Some things to look out for include: 

  • Fact cards disability to help educate people about specific impairments
  • Video profiles featuring students with Hidden Disabilities
  • Sunflower Lanyard Campaign:
    • to help educate students on what they mean
    • to pick one up from the union reception during the month if you'd like one!