Expired Driver Status

Once you become a fully approved union driver, your status will last three years from the date you passed the practical test. Within this time, you can be allocated as the designated driver for club, society or project trips through the eActivities booking system.

How will I know my driver status is expiring? 

When that time period is set to expire, you will receive an automated message from our system, indicating that your driver status has either expired, or is about to expire. This email will be sent to the email which you provided when you signed up as a driver. If you have no intention/need of driving the minibuses, then you don't need to take any further action.

Renewing your driver status

Due to the pandemic and restrictions it put on our minibus activities, we are changing our renewing process. If you would like to continue driving the union minibuses, then you will either need to have a re-test of your theory and practical minibus tests.

We now ask that you complete both theory and practical tests so we can insure all approved drivers are up to date on transport legislation and competent safely transporting students. For all the information on our minibus testing process, look here: Minibus Tests | Imperial College Union 

When you will need to re-sit your minibus test, you can do so by purchasing a Minibus Induction Credit on our website.