Committee Member Responsibilities

Committee members have defined roles and responsibilities. The responsibilities outlined below are considered core for any Club, Society or Project.

This page will go through the core responsibilities of all committee members take on once elected and the specific responsibilities of the principle roles can be found here for (Chair/Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer).

All committee member responsibilities 

  • You are an ambassador

    You and your members are ambassadors for Imperial College Union and Imperial College London. You are responsible for what your CSP does and says. This includes conduct at all events and what is published in the media and on the web. 

  • You are accountable

    You are accountable to your members for what happens. You are also accountable to the Union and the College for the actions of your CSP members whilst undertaking your activity.

  • You have a duty of care

    You have a legal obligation to ensure the safety of you members. Practically, this means attending relevant training and completing risk assessments and other required documents.

  • You can be held personally liable

    If found responsible for breaching Union or College policies or the law, you may be subject to Union and/or College Disciplinary action. These proceedings may result in varying levels of punishment, including an entry on your permanent College record. For medical students this may affect your Fitness to Practice.