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Committee Induction


Congratulations to both new and returning committee officers on your roles; we look forward to working with you over the next 23/24 academic year. 

Thank you to all outgoing committee officers for your engagement and hard work in your committee roles.  

This is the Committee Support Hub

This is where you go to get all the information on clubs, societies, and projects.  

This committee induction page is specifically to support and guide you to all information to help you to be successful in your new committee roles. 

Newly Elected Committee Members  

Before August 1st there are a few things you will need to get familiar with to ensure you are equipped and ready for your new role. This page is to direct you in finding the right tools and where to find them on our committee support hub.  

Current Committee Members 

Before August 1st there are a few things you will need to complete to help support next year's committee. This page is to support you with handing over essential information to next year's committee. 

  • Key dates

    It is vital that you are aware of key upcoming dates and deadlines. They can be found on the Committee support hub and will also be communicated via the CSP Newsletter.    

    Key deadlines for the academic year 23/24 will be available via the Essential Information pages. Please see the provisional task timetable below, these dates are subject to change! 




    Submit your Annual Activity Form with risk assessment 

    Early July 


    Financial Responsibility Form opens 


    1st July 


    Before you start spending 


    Register your coach/instructor through the 23/24 form  

    7th July 

    1st August 

    Receive your committee handover 

    14th July 

    4th August 

    Plan your regular, weekly activities and submit the Annual Room Booking form  

    21st July 

    18th August  

    Memberships go live and you gain eActivities access. 

    1st August 

    Take an inventory and tell us what you have 

    1st August  

    29th September 

    Start planning your Give it a Go programme 

    1st August 

    2nd September 

    Book your place at Welcome Fair 

    1st August 

    2nd September 

    Ad-hoc Room Booking form opens 

    25th August 

    Open all year 

    Start planning your one-off events - 23/24 Event Proposal form opens  


    Open all year 

    Request access to your spaces around the union building 

    1st August 

    Open all year 

    Welcome Fair! 

    3rd October 

  • Handover 

    A handover document is a written document with vital information to pass on from one committee/committee member to the next. 

    A good handover will give you the essentials that can help you to plan events and understand how your CSP is run. 

    Visit our Handover Support Page for further guidance 

  • Training

    Newly elected committee members will need to undergo training in their role.  

    It is vital that principal committee members complete their training, to enable them to put on events and book rooms for their CSP. 

    More information on training will be coming soon! 

Committee Induction Newsletter 

We will be keeping you updated via the Committee induction Newsletter.